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Backed by 40+ years of combined experience, Cadence Engineering Medical and Education Consultants Pvt Ltd is a one-of-a-kind strategic management consultancy that is a one-stop-solution for all your business needs. Using global partners, incubators and a pool of experienced professionals across various domains in our network, we are the liaison between you and a professional world where you leverage your ideas effectively.


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Who We Are

We are strategic venture consultants who specialize in executing projects that help businesses accelerate with tangible results. We work with our close-knit, experienced network to create a favourable environment for diffusion of innovation.

What We Do

We work with potential markets to promote and support the ecosystems by aligning them towards growth. Through integrated access routes, the accessibility of resources is enhanced to build a holistic environment for business.

We consult policy makers, conceptualise and build objective based channels, aggregate the resources and streamline the process of implementation through guided paths.



Cadence x CPDI - ASTICC

Armaan Science, Technology and Innovation Cooperation Centre is a vertical set up by Cadence in partnership with Centre for Progress and Development of Iran (CPDI) which acts as an eco-bridge between India and Iran. It is a platform where entrepreneurs, technology, and industries across sectors, come together for seamless movement, aiding in and accelerating the development of both countries- India and Iran

Asticc x PTP- GTI

Under the parent-company Cadence, ASTICC in collaboration with Pardis Tech Park (PTP) has set up a pavilion named Gateway To India in the PTP campus. The pavilion aims at offering access to any entrepreneur, start-up or organisation from India and Iran to either of the two markets.

Cadence x EIT- SPV

Cadence, alongside EIT, has arranged for a Special Purpose Vehicle that combines intellectual expertise, experience and resources in both of the two countries – India and Iran – to work together to execute innovative solutions in the following ways:

1. Setting up MW and GW scale solar parks.
2. Willing to set up solar manufacturing units comprising the entire supply chain.
3. Integrated agriculture farming using Drip and Sprinkler techniques to boost the agricultural production.
4. Establishing Desalination Plant

Our Team

Aga Sultan Murthaza, Chairman

Mr. Aga Sultan Murthuza is an engineering graduate with a postgraduate diploma in Business Administration and plays a pivotal role as a Chairman at Cadence Engineering, Medical, and Educational Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Aga Sultan worked abroad as a project engineer and project manager for several years, wherein he was instrumental in commissioning and completing several infrastructure and cold storage projects and electrical distribution systems for the company he worked with.

He is also well-known in his social circles for his generous nature and philanthropic activities, revolving around making education and healthcare available and affordable to the common man. His focus areas also include empowering the youth and developing lifestyle conditions of the society through social engineering.

Mr. Aga Sultan’s vision for the future lies in revolutionising education, healthcare, and social welfare to the best of everyone’s abilities to create a peaceful and harmonious world.

Dr. Zakaria Abbas, Executive Director

Dr. Zakaria Abbas is an MBBS graduate who also is certified in critical care management. He is an international health campaigner and public speaker who goes on to inspire millions around the age, especially those of his age. He is the Vice-chairman of The Laureate Trust, a Bengaluru-based grassroots NGO working towards health and education. Dr. Zakaria is also the co-curator of the #GiveLife Campaign, a glocal campaign in partnership with Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty aimed at treating children of Iraq suffering from CSDs in Narayana Health City, Bengaluru. While continuing to spread his message and inspiration globally, Dr. Zakaria is currently pursuing his Masters in Public Health in the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK.

Razi Abbas, Solution Architect

Razi Abbas is an entrepreneur, innovator, and start-up consultant who has over 9 years of experience working with various brands and entrepreneurs. His journey as an entrepreneur began at the age of 17 years when he started his first venture. Soon after completing his education in MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Loughborough University, London, Razi moved back to Bangalore to establish his company, First Main, an early-stage micro incubation platform that bridges gaps in the pre-seed level concept and startups. He also co-founded iDeotic, a tech service provider pioneering in MVP creation in the entrepreneurial space. Apart from running both his companies, Razi was also the operations head at Labournet Healthcare, a leading social enterprise in India focused on executing government and CSR initiatives on the ground.

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